Spa Therapist

Spa Therapist | JA The Resort Dubai

Job Summary: The Spa Therapist is accountable for ensuring that all guests receive requested treatments and services in accordance with the approved SOPs and to ensure that guests’ experiences exceed expectations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Welcome guests in a warm and polite manner greeting them by their name.
  • Be aware of guests’ appointments for each shift.
  • Comply with set arrangements for the opening every morning and closing of the treatment rooms.
  • Assist guests with information related to good products and maintain service knowledge of these products.
  • Ensure that reserved treatments are suitable for the guests by following the standard procedure of consultation.
  • Be aware of contra-indications with specific treatments.
  • Ensure guests’ comfort and privacy during and after treatment.
  • To ensure the guest’s comfort during the treatment by monitoring room temperature, lighting, sunlight, music level, and pressure of the treatment.
  • Provide guests with full information on the treatment booked (benefits, duration, technique, etc.).
  • Provide guests with post-treatment advice and home care products recommendation at all times.
  • Meet the standards treatment requirements at all times in compliance with the training provided.
  • Maintain product-trolley set up at all times or when applicable.
  • Keep own designated treatment room clean and tidy at all times.
  • Ensure that products and items for professional use are always prepared and standard stock level is well replenished.
  • Follow the product request procedure set by Line Manager.
  • Promote health and wellness benefits to the guests and create excellent experience.
  • Be aware of the treatments and services and any current promotions offered.
  • Share responsibility for the spa linen store room and allocation of clean linen.
  • Complete a log book/checklist for linen usage, when applicable.
  • Assist linen inventory and other administrational duties assigned by the Line Manager.
  • Participate in outside spa promotions to secure spa with the revenue needed on daily/monthly basis.
  • Meet all treatment standards and procedures specified by the approved brands at all times.
  • Maintain professional stock at the correct level and use the correct quantity of products specified by the manufacturer and trainer and not to exceed the specified amount.
  • Follow weekly/monthly schedules with regards to deep cleaning, duty rotation prepared by the Line Manager.
  • To ensure to service the guest on time without delay to pick up the guest at the Spa Reception.
  • To be fully aware of the daily booking program and to update any changes to the reception.
  • Perform any other reasonable tasks as directed by the Superior.


Spa Therapist
Spa Therapist

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